International activities

The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities has extensive exchange activities with foreign institutions of higher learning and learned societies. Most vital in this respect are its members, with their contacts and research interests, and the Academy provides extensive support for this work. A special role is played by the Academy’s foreign members and all the researchers, especially Nordic, who serve as experts or judges in connection with the conferment of prizes and awards and with appointments for research posts within the framework of the Academy’s activities. Furthermore, the Academy makes contributions by providing considerable funding for conferences and symposia, guest lecturers at Swedish higher education institutions, and travel expenses for external researchers to attend conferences and conduct research. Extensive research exchange also takes place under bilateral agreements with a large number of foreign academies. 

Collaboration also takes place under the aegis of multilateral international organizations. The Academy is a member of Union Académique Internationale (UAI) and participates in some of its major publishing and research projects, such as Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum and Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. The Academy is also in charge of the home page for "China and the Mediterranean World: Archaeological Sources and Written Documents." 


Moreover, the Academy participates in the European association All European Academies (ALLEA). ALLEA brings together some fifty academies and has the mission of furthering activities of mutual interest to research institutions, research financiers, and learned societies.